Senior Care Management

Give your family peace of mind knowing that we are there for your loved one…


Coordination is difficult. If you are caring for elderly parents at a distance, you are not alone. Today, nearly seven million Americans are long-distance caregivers to aging parents and other loved ones.

While this is admirable, the increasing complexity of health and financial issues facing today’s elderly can become overwhelming. The stress of trying to negotiate the maze of financial, social, and health-related issues can often put strain on the parent-child relationship.

Our Senior Care Management Program can provide everyone peace of mind.  Our Care Manager, with expertise in social work, gerontology and counseling, can oversee your loved one’s care, coordinate needs with medical and financial professionals, and continually communicate with family members. Families often think of their Care Manager as a member of the family, which is especially reassuring when their loved one is far away.


Our Senior Care Management Program is coordinated by objective, licensed professionals and can offer:


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Pioneer can ensure that, no matter how far away your loved one is, they’ll get the care you’d give if you were there with them.  With attentive watchfulness, our professional Geriatric Care Manager can help enable seniors to stay at home safely and securely. Please call 760-872-4663 to request an evaluation or for further information.  Ask to speak with our Geriatric Care Manager.


While most Senior Care Management services are self pay, some services may be covered by a senior program or a long term care insurance.  If so, we will assist you with both the authorization and the billing process.  Services are billed twice per month.

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