Personal Care Program

Now Mom can go on living at home, and I can stop worrying…

Personal Care Program for Seniors in Bishop CaliforniaThe Personal Care Program at Pioneer Home Health Care provides hourly attendant services designed to help maintain independence in the home setting. Often, a little extra assistance with day-to-day homemaking tasks is all that’s needed to remain safe at home. Preparing meals and shopping, as well as running errands, can be daunting to a frail, elderly person living alone.  The Personal Care Program’s well-trained caregivers are available to assist with these tasks and others.

We begin our relationship with a free home consultation.  We understand that it is difficult to welcome in a stranger, but we will soon be a valued friend.  We will be there to complement needs, provide companionship, build a strong, lasting relationship and give you peace of mind.

Our services include:

Finding, retaining and overseeing appropriate care for a family member is a demanding job that often leaves little time or energy for other aspects of the relationship.  Choosing an agency that provides comprehensive services shifts the burden away from the family and places it in our hands.

We will do all these things for you:


While most Personal Care services are self pay, some services may be covered by a senior program or a long term care insurance.  If so, we will assist you with both the authorization and the billing process.  Services are billed twice per month.


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