Hospice of the Owens Valley

Hospice…adding life to days when days can no longer be added to life…

What is Hospice?

hospice Of The Owens ValleyWhen someone you love has an advanced life-limiting illness our Hospice team is there to offer options that maximize comfort and maintain dignity. Hospice treats the person instead of the disease; focuses on the whole family instead of just the individual; and emphasizes quality of life instead of its duration.
Hospice care allows terminally ill individuals and their families to experience the end of life together in the comfort and security of a home setting.

What is the Hospice Care Focus?

The focus of our Hospice care is to ensure comfort during life’s final stages, by managing complex symptoms and offering consistent emotional, physical, spiritual and practical support. We provide this care in the comfort, privacy and familiarity of home.

When Should Hospice Care Begin?

After receiving a terminal diagnosis, it can take 3-6 months to progress through distinct stages – physical, emotional and spiritual. Ideally our team would like to escort the individual and family through this entire process. With less time, we will help as quickly and effectively as possible to ensure comfort and support.

What Physician Coordinates Care?

Our Hospice team works with each individual’s primary physician. Our Hospice Medical Director is available to the primary physician, the individual, and the hospice care team as a consultant and a resource.

Where is Hospice Care Provided?

Our Hospice team members visit private homes, assisted living facilities, and skilled nursing facilities. The home may even be that of a friend or relative.

If More Intensive Care is Needed?

If symptoms are acute and not able to be managed routinely, there are options to receive short-term crises care in the home or in a contracted facility until interventions have resolved the crises. Regardless of where, our hospice team will be there.

Is Grief Counseling Available?

Yes. Bereavement is the time of mourning we all experience following a loss. Our hospice team will work with surviving family member to help them through this time. Our experienced grief counselors and trained volunteers provide support and education by phone, personal visits, or support groups.

How are Hospice Services Paid?

After meeting the qualifications and having this certified by the primary physician, most hospice costs will be covered by Medicare, Medi-Cal and private insurances. For those who have no insurance coverage, our staff will work to identify available resources.

Hospice Services Available

Hospice is not a place…
it’s a philosophy of compassionate care.

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